Virtual Care

What is Virtual Care?

  • The use of current technologies and electronic devices to provide remote care for patients 
  • Live audio and video connections with our clients 

Why should I consider this?

  • Social isolation is a key concern with COVID restrictions.
  • Our individual sessions pair you with a Rehabilitation Therapist to work on your specific goals.
  • Our Plum Club can link you via video with others. Plum Club will offer fun activities each week to do together. These include cooking, crafts, teaching, TV shows or movies, etc.
  • Plum Health uses secure technology and goes to extra-ordinary efforts to protect your privacy.

Who Might Benefit from Virtual Care?

  • Those who want to limit visitors to their home due to COVID.
  • Those who want to limit travel costs of their providers.
  • Those with no experience with technology – we take care of everything!
  • Those who are tech savvy – as they know the endless possibilities.

When can you access Virtual Care?

  • We can set up prompts that can happen any time of the day to remind you to do things.
  • We can program in a series of instructions that you can call up at any time.
  • We can schedule drop-ins and check-ins to speak with you.

Where do I get started?

  • Give us a call and we can figure out how best to get you started.


  • Fully aligned with the client’s rehabilitation needs
  • We implement all the goals provided by the client’s healthcare providers
  • All our services are provided by highly trained Rehab Therapists from Plum Health.
  • We only provide non-invasive services to respect our clients’ privacy. All the services are provided based on the client or their legal guardian’s consent.
  • All the Services are provided by Plum Health staff. We provide the Rehab care by our own RTs at Plum health.
  • We do the setup – we do not hire any third-party company to set up/ operate the virtual care services.
  • Hands-on help to place online grocery orders
  • Setting up appointments
  • Requests for transportation
  • And many more
  • Ongoing live sessions using professional RTs.
  • Rehab Therapy and Attendant Care services can be provided around the clock based on each client’s specific therapeutic needs
  • Ongoing check-ups, emotional support and updating the client’s circle of about their emotional and psychological well-being.
  • Ongoing coaching and physical exercises provided by live Rehab Therapists
  • Implementing all the physical training recommended by the client’s healthcare team
  • monitoring client during the physical training
  • Tailor-made set of reminders, cues, and relevant information based on each client’s need
  • Immediate changes made on to the reminders/cueing within 6 hours after being requested.
  • Plum health provides consistent check-ups to ensure the client’s safety and well-being
  • Emergency communication
  • Our clients can become a Plum Club member. Our clients are invited to join our virtual group to meet others who share the same experiences.
  • Every week we facilitate a variety of fun activities as a group to help with any feelings of social isolation.
  • A highly skilled Rehabilitation therapist leads the group sessions and engages the clients in fun interactive activities aligned with their rehab goals.
  • An extensive report about the client’s physical and psychological health will be produced after each virtual RT session on daily basis.
  • The client’s circle of support will be routinely updated about the client’s health and progress.

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